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season has started. so, let's talk to shu. cal -- >> mike: that's right. ole miss, texas state, our alma maters. total team effort by davis in cal's opener. i ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú út >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> mike: cal kicked off their regular season hosting uc davis and the rout was on. cal could not be stopped. led by riley, vereen, and the new receiver. the only time cal didn't score, taking the field. first quarter, bears on the move. 7-0 cal just like that in the second, more from riley. hits jones. 4-yard post route. around for 258 yards and three scores. later in the second, allen takes the handoff on the reverse. looks like he's going to throw it, but he tucks it away. looks like he will be a special player. turns on the jets. 18-yard for his first college touchdown. the rout was on. in the second, vereen, dancing in from eight yards out. 35-0 cal at the half. second half, cal's ball. riley hits allen, and the kid will weave and bob to a 48-yard touchdown. are you kidding me? this kid is going to be special. let's go
. >> not as funny. watching the giants, it is frustration at times. and you know what, cal wasn't any better on the football field. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. nothing lost nothing gained. one night after exploding against the dodgers, the offense wept back into a lumber against milwaukee. but the second place padres lost to the giants and they are still in first place. th is taking orange friday to a new level. i like to see that kind of commitment from you dan, ashley. the brew crew geting to work in the first against balm gardener. a base hit to left center and milwaukee is up 1-0. the top 5 and carlos gomez grounds to short. the throw is off the mark. 2-0 brew crew. in the seventh is another one of these plays where the giants can't throw home. where is that going? giants with a couple of errors. 3-0 and randy wolf was tremendous. three hit shut out and aubrey huff see ya. staying in first th
beach. we'll show you where. stanford, cal and san jose state playing in opening day football. laura be laura behnke has the highlights. >>> more sunshine for you. a few warm r days, less fog from oakland. your labor day forecast coming up in a bit. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month
, soggier and mist and drizzle on thursday. >> alan: up next, cal and)i stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty [ announcer ] hefty bags with unscented odor block technology... help neutralize odors and stop the stinkies. ♪ stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty >> mike: stanford sophomore quarterback showed the nation he is the real deal. stanford has never met the horne nets -- hornets before. makes a great move out for the catch. 81 yards on the score. the ninth lodgest -- longest. sacramento state wasn't a complete pushover. the punt is fielded on his own 30. find day light. 70 yards to the house. 14-7-ball game. but the strike to zach. 31-7 stanford. just before the half. baldwin again, 15-yard strike. good catch. stanford rolls over sac stat, 52-17. >> we were on the -- good first-half opponents. didn't do so hot in the beginning of the second half. i think. >> mike: cal hosting uc davis, and the offense couldn't be stopped. the new kid on the block was keenan allen. the only time cal did not score, taking the field. first quarter, bear
. good to see you. >> thank you. >> juliet: cal, you just saw the pledges, young gun say this is a plan that america needs. as we said not everybody agrees. we'll get to the tea party in a second. but it's not a contract, cal, it's a pledge. is it a workable plan? >> well, it's a workable plan depending what comes out of it. all policies are based on a foundation, a philosophy, a world view. it reads well, but we've been down this road before. the contract with america in 1994, all of it was implemented -- >> juliet: take a sip of water and we'll come back to you. >> thank you. i'm overcome by susan's presence. >> juliet: he'll be all right. what's the problem with the pledge, susan? >> well, i think cal is right. i mean, the pledge is mostly talk. it's words. when you get me and the tea party agreeing that you've got mostly slogans and no substance, you can talk about cutting spending, but how are you going to cut spending if you don't talk at all about medicare and social security? you can talk about deficit reduction, but you're giving $700 billion in tax cuts to people like cal and
of the season. opposite field blast. the a's back at 500 after a 3-1 win. oh, boy! cal football played a rare friday night game. walked right into the buzz saw in reason -- reno. shane will make you forget. he was magnificent. gone! 59 yards to the house. and we're tied at 7. when you play the pistol, you get shot! 21-7 novato. bears just ranked 24th in the nation watching that ranking evaporate. shane with the first touchdown, he just runs away from number 20 breaking tackles all the way to the end zone. three td's in this game. cal's within 3. kevin reilly crucial mistake. 65 yards. threw three picks in this contest and cal has no answer. ran for three and threw for two. cal gets rolled in reno. 52-31. if you like getting big air there's a new attraction in san francisco. the house of air. just opened at chrissy field. the ambassador was olympic gold medallist johnny mosley. >> with that the ribbon was somewhat dangerously cut on the house of air. five trampoline structures where you can jump and fly to your heart's content.
no. delicious yes. >>> cal fire launched a big assault on a fire near bodega bay, and appears to have worked. the fire burned near highway 1, a section of highway 1 is still closed tonight. amy hollyfield has more. >> reporter: a firefighter was hurt when he touched a powerline. the fire burned 89 acres and destroyed two pickup trucks and a shed. the fire had a lot of fuel to keep it going. and it wasn't until six and a half hours after it got started, that firefighters got most of it contained. >> it was amazing. it was -- i mean, it was so fast. it was -- from the time it happened, it was wasn't a minute, uncontrollable. >> tracy crane was at home watching television when the power went out. she was headed toward the breaker box when she saw the fire and barely got out in time. >> i just left everything sitting on the counter. >> reporter: the fire burned a rural area right around highway 1, the location and dry conditions gave the fire exactly what it needed to last most of the day. >> there's been some heavy fuels, which is ewing lip -- eucalyptus, and scottish bloom. >> reporter:
. >> and if you're cal, you're loving your new freshman wide receiver. the last time cal played uc davis in football, world war ii was just getting started. after today, you can see why the aggies have avoided coming to berkeley. playing in the final season for the bears in old memorial stadium. after an early turnover by kevin riley, cal got it together. riley finds a wide open shane vereen, the first of three touchdowns. and second quarter, riley fires a strike to last year's leading receiver, marvin jones. 14-0 bears. riley completed his first nine passes. and cal fans are going to love freshman wide receiver keenen allen. he is supposed to throw it, but no one is open, so he takes off, 18 yards later, he has the first career touchdown. cal wraps up over 500 yards on offense. and blows out uc davis 52-3. >>> despite losing toby garhart to the nfl, stanford got plenty of love the offceasen from the national media. according to most of the expert, the top quarterback in the country plays down on the farm. jim harbaugh calls andrew the best quarterback he has ever seen and sacramento sta
that students are camping out tonight. there are dozens of students outside cal's recreational sports complex on bancroft avenue right now. they're going to spend the night outside so they have their first shot at intramural sports which include basketball, aenndni ts. obviously, that's not the right video. joining teams has been become very popular and competitive in recent years. in a line like this that you saw earlier becoming more calm. sign-ups begin tomorrow morning at 7:00. >>> well, we've got some breaking news just in at the top of the newscast. we talked to you about richmond schools on the brink of being shut down because at, awe reporter on the scene at the richmond city council tonight. that those schools have been talking about two others. the schools will stay open after impassioned pleas from parents, students and teachers who ask g asking. and for now those schools will remain open. >>> tonight, an nbc investigation reveals how er er. our reporter has uncovered a problem which could affect millions of wireless customers. >> reporter: when you buy a phone from verizon these
. so this weekend was all about college football with both cal and stanford at home. the cardinal opened the season against sacramento state. how did they do? here's shu. >> good morning. quarterback andrew lux shows the nation he is the real deal. man handled sacramento. never met the hornets before. stanford up 7-0. andrew having a field day with the hornet's secondary. baldwin in stride. makes a great move after the catch. 81 yards. 9th longest in stanford history. 14-0 cardinals. tom mostly. takes a few men. he's gone! 70 yards to the house. all of a sudden it's a 14-7 ball game. but lux was the story. in the second, first career touchdown, 31-7 stanford. just before the half baldwin again. makes a nice catch on this 15-yard touchdown. threw for 615 yards. stanford rolls over in the opener, 62-17. >> we were on the skirts the most part. the first half performance. didn't do so hot in the second half, beginning of the second half. the ones that were in there. but overall decent job. >> cal kicked off that regular season hosting. the cal offense could not be blocked. this was th
.m. >>> coming up next, a classic double south as the giants tried to keep pace in the races. we have cal and we have stanford and even san josi state as the spartans battled the best . >> good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. if you are a baseball fan you hopeior team is playing meaningful games in the month of september. if you are a giant's fingerprint and your team can pull off a key win against the dodger, it's that much pert. things didn't luck look good for the giants for most of the game in l.a. gibbons with one over the fence with two on. then the long ball erupted for san francisco. it's 4-1. >> it's outta here! >> in the 8th, edgar renteria led the inning. it's fair. 4-2. no.13 for burrell. juan uribe with a runner on. >> he hits it hard! he hits it deep! outta here! >> thetwo-runn humor by uribe was the 16th of the year. he is mobbed for good reason byes had teammates when he reaches the dugouts. giants win 5-4 and continue to pick up ground on the nl west race. that because the division- leading padres continue to lose. colorado leading
♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ed u-c davis in fo >>> cal bears fans have a little bit of fun today. >> pretty good way to start dropping 50 on your last opponent. the last time cal played uc davis in football, world war ii was just getting started. after today, you can see why the aggies have avoided coming to berkeley. bears playing in their final season in old memorial stadium. after an early turnover by kevin riley, cal got it together. rile arey finds a wide open shane bereen, the first of three touchdowns for him. and second quarter, riley fires a strike to last year's leading receiver marvin jones. 14-0 bears. riley completed his first nine passes and cal fans are going to love freshman wide receiver keenen allen. he is supposed to throw it but no one is open so he takes off. 18 yards later, he has his first career touchdown. cal wraps up over 500 yards of offense. and blows out uc davis 52-3. >>> stanford and sacramento state courtesy of comcast sports net, andrew rock sure looked like a heisman candidate in the first half. the sophomore qb went out and hit doug baldwi
are free to them but med cal, medicare cut dental some time ago we still offer it we have a state of the art dental center that meets the needs we recognize dentistry is a part of your overall good health if you can't eat properly or chew properly it effects your overall health and i just can't stress enough ron that the center for elders and dependents is about keeping you healthy for as long as possible, living in your own home and in your own community for as long as possible. >> you are the outreach person where do you go? >> any church, five or more people a home visit required usually angela will go to that. i do presentation at health care churches, seniors centers, senior housing any where there is a need because we need to get the word out. so many seniors are shut in and they don't get out enough. >> you know so we come to them. and they are active in any way or any where we will try and meet that need. >> once they are in, your role? >> right so how a person usually contacts us is that they either call us or either themselves or a church members, family member, so we ge
be a free day. >> tracy grant. >> that is a good way to whek your holiday. >> nobody wants that. >> cal bear fans are happy. >> good holiday weekend for them. cal football season under way. the bears getting a big boost in their opening game from a senior and a true freshman. >>> the nfl scouts are taking a hard look at andrew luck. they saw quite a show from number 12. the giant do not play until right about now but they got a win earlier tos >>> cow could call kevin riley's career a roller coaster. the quarterback was determined to dutch that inconsistency. out to strawberry canyon. a beautiful afternoon as the bears face uc davis. first quarter, bears on the move. kevin riley finding the end zone. 23-yard hookup. your opening score. 7-0. second quarter riley at it again to marvin jones. falling down in the end zone for the 13-yard connection. 258 yards, three tds. he played over a half of work. a few minutes later, the star in the making, true freshman keenan allen. remember that name. looked like he wanted to throw it. he goes running. 18 yards. 21-0. he caught a td in this. 35-0 at the
. >> there are bed bugs with the fee cal matter. >> reporter: a team from ter terminex is doing an inspection. they are steaming the bugs. a freezing spray is also an option. there will be a tenting as well as visits from the ter murminexm for the next six weeks. >> right now we are getting on average 200 to 300 leads a month as far as people saying i think i have bed bugs. >> reporter: as ugly a problem as this is, bed bugs are more of a problem in the eastern half of the country, but take this woman's story as a lesson for us all, bed bugs may be small, but they are getting around. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> yuck. yuck, yuck, yuck. >>> tropical storm earl is long past the east coast. the storm wasn't nearly as bad as expected. earl ripped up a few boards on cape cod and blew out a window or two. the storm moved on in time for the labor day weekend. today we've got sunny skies and calm seas. despite a nonstop onslaught of coverage. >> you have to have the hype because if you don't you're not prepared. >> earl didn't hit too hard in the u.s. it did did leave an impression on canadia
of giving back, cal dominated. >> the first game of the season from the cal bears, went justs away it is supposed to. when a pac-10 schedules davis, it's supposed to win by a lot. 23-yard play makes it 7-0. the bears ended with a 28-second quarter. allen can't find the receiver and just heads the other way and runs about 40 yards for an 18-yard score of. allen scores a couple of touchdowns and showed his versatility. vereen in the end zone three times, that ended up to a dominating cal performance for a 52-3 win. >>> the cardinals added to the lead. baldwin haulses in the 81-yard score, but the hornets answered back with with the 70-yard punt return and it was 14-7. another big play for stanford, this time stephen taylor with the screen. the blocking set it up perfectly and taylor goes to the end zone, 21-7. right now stanford leads 45-17. >>> the oakland as seem to be doing all right these days against any team not named the new york yankees. a's leading the angels in the 6th. elkouzmanoff comes home dawn's 3-0. that is more than enough support for cahill. cahill improves to 15-6.
. >> just enjoy tomorrow. >> i will, thank you, craig. wevepo ssrt and cal football action. [ man ] i was deciding what to do with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer ] use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >>> they put up 52 points in their opener last week. but the cal bears were well aware that performance came against uc davis. no offense to them but they're not exactly at the pac level. they face a future pac-10 opponent as colorado came to strawberry canyon for the final time as a member of the big 12. first quarter, the cal offense picking up exactly where it left off last week. kevin riley finds shane in the end zone. 13 yards. that's a touchdown. shane, two, t tds in this game. riley finding freshman keenan allen, third
for the score. one of four turnovers the cardinals smoked. smoking ucla. 35-0. >>> on to berkeley. cal hosting colorado. first quarter, bears down from the 13. riley finds vereen. a spectacular grab in the end zone. gets his foot down. shane ran for a touch. 7-0 bears. bears defense got offensive. pressure all day. six sacks in the first. hansen throwing with the wrong arm. never a good idea. the pick, returning it 41 yards. 31-0. cal forced five turnovers. riley, 197 yards, four tds, this one to allen in the fourth. allen, six grabs, 66 yards, cal now 2-0 with a 52-7 victory. >>> for the second straight week, san jose had a top 25 opponent. this time wisconsin. credit the spartans. third quarter, johnson, the little guy can make you miss. 37-yard trip to pay dirt. spartans down 20-7. they had no answer for big john clay. still, a valent effort by san jose state. >>> giants trying to take over the lead in the national league west in san diego. a former giant, torrealba said, paybacks are a -- well, you >> the season premiere of "oprah." oprah: with john travolta. >> and -- oprah: i had no idea
state system -- cal state system wide. admission of students to the cal state system is still held hostage by failure of the legislature to agree on a budget. >>> fully and completely dead. today's official declaration that bp's blown out well is permanently plugged. >>> and it's hard to believe we had showers around the bay area today. ,,,, [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at capitalone.com. that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to capitalone.com. what's in your wallet? filed papers urging a federal appeals court to "uphold the law". >>> supporters of prop 8, the ban on same sex marriage filed papers urging a federal appeals court to up hold the law. lawyers say the trial judge who struck down the measure quote invented a right that doesn't exist. the district judge ruled it violated the constitutions guarantees o
will be able to enroll at call state east bay because of federal stimulus money cal state east bay says its portion of the money will allow the campus to admit 254 students for the winter and spring quarter. admission of even more students to the cal state system is being held hostage by failure of the legislature to agree on a budget. >>> marking the beginning of fall. up next the colorful chinatown celebration of the harvest moon. annual the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim. texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at capitalone.com. why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to capitalone.com!!!!! what's
it is a situation that is probably very costly and i think it should not only be st. luke's and cal pacific that has to do this. that has to be balanced, and that is where the city could get involved. i think it mentioned 15 out of 20 of the buildings are spc-1 or worse, which means they are in bad shape now, existing facilities, so it is important those upgraded or replaced if necessary by 2015. and, let's see, a couple other things. there was not talk about the van ness special use district, and actually it is mentioned in the documents and it talks about situations where the commission has the ability to exempt the hospital from this requirement by either c.u. or establishment of what would be a van ness avenue at medical special use district. that might be something. i did the research and i have heard a number of facilities are not hospitals have been exempted and the past were given the modification such as the movie theaters, the amc theaters at 1000 van ness had a c.u. that allow that to be converted. there is some housing, but not nearly the three-one ratio. there was the recent conversion
of any safety considerations. >> reporter: there are still questions to be answered. cal osha is the lead investigating agency, but did not answer our calls. their priority is to secure the pipelines and recovery two missing workers as soon as possible. >> six months later, state investigators levied leafy fines on kinder morgan. ktvu's john fowler brought us the details in this report in may of 2005. >> the incident does involve potential criminal acts. >> reporter: cal osha today levied its stiffest possible civil penalties, fines totaling $140,000 for "willful violations by pipeline owner kinder morgan." >> based on our investigation, kinder morgan is primarily responsible for the accident itself. >> reporter: the high pressure gas pipeline runs along broadway and today work remains suspended. they say kinder manager jogged around a new removed oak tree. he said he followed the law and marked the pipeline in maps. investigators say contractor mountain cascade hit the bend with a back ho', causing the explosion. cal osha fined the contractor $22 each and mountain cascade said it did
: the cannabis and hemp expo at the cal palace has anything for them. pipes and growing apparatus and a security symbol that may more closely resemble a giant bong. >> this is part one of the experience. and part two of it right there. >> reporter: thousands of people came here to celebrate medicinal marijuana. >> i am not so much worried about the recreational aspect of it. more concerned about the patients who really need it to get some relief. >> reporter: but now a new ktvu field poll shows that proposition 19 which will fully legalize marijuana is likely to pass in november with 49% supporting it and 42% opposed. >> big differences by age. younger voters much more supportive than older voters. >> reporter: but surprisingly at this mind altering event we talked to more who oppose proposition 19 than support it. >> since i read the proposition and sat down and read it i don't feel very good about it. there are still some things that need to be worked out. >> i think in the end it is bad for the grower and bad for the patient as well. it should be kept medical until we know how to properly reg
'll be ready for that. thanks very much. see you shortly. >> cuts at cal in. 5 enter clean at sports at uc berkeley limit natured and no sign they are ever coming back. here's education reporter the dan. >> vince bruno also dreamed of playing baseball and attending uc berkeley. today one of those dreams was shattered. as of next year there will be no-cal baseball. >> this happens not expected but just kind of makes you stronger in a way. hopefully works out for me. this isn't the cookie cutter idea of what i was going to have coming to berkeley but i mean somehow we are going to make the best of it this year. >> now he and team mates have to decide if they want to stay at the top university or transfer somewhere else to pursue the sport. >> baseball is prominent all over america and everyone knows that. cal community is just huge and cutting that is like, just unreal. >>reporter: wasn't just baseball but 4 other sports now go away. >> baseball. men and women gym and women lacrosse and men rugby no longer represent the university at athletic sports. >>reporter: rugby will remain but
and all of cal la vary res road at 680 is a big mess. just east of 880 on 237, a head- on collision. you can also see there is also a lot of slow traffic. let's go to 101 san jose. busy, busy traffic getting up to the sunnyvale area. chp and the ambulance are on the way. >>> moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge westbound backed up for about a ten ten-minute delay. the 9ers play at candlestick at 7:00. >> the raiders play at the coliseum, also 7:00. here's steve. >>> thank you, sal. it's already warm in hayward, 71. a little northeast breeze coming down from the hills. it's just a tiny breeze. where is the fog? for those of you who bat battled that west wind, i'm not speaking for tori but i know we're in the same camp. it is out there. hot today, 80s, 90s, 100s. it did not feel that bad to me yesterday. 70s 80s, 90s. sunny, warm to hot. 88 at noon. always a tricky, tough forecast in the city but then the sea breeze comes in late. you will hit that around noon and then the sea breeze will start to cool things down later. very warm air in the higher elevations of. you only have
building -- cal green -- fitting into our green coat. he did a wonderful analysis, different spreadsheet to show that we were more or as restrictive. the one thing that floated to the surface, in cal green, there is a medium building category. i think it is thousandto -- 5000 to 20000 --those would be small buildings to us in san francisco. so they are going to be captured in a way that is more akin to the larger buildings. i think that is all. if there are any other questions, i would be happy to answer. >> i have a strong concern for the gray water systems that we are in the process of looking into. is that part of the pummeling -- plumbing, progress moving forward? >> frankly, i am not the expert, so i do not know where that is coming into the picture. >> gray water systems have become an issue. department of building inspection has tried to get ahead of the curve by adopting one of the policies in the gray water system so that we have a basis to review those things. we are working with the public utilities commission on gray water programs and there are two folks over there rosie jen
. >> all right. mike sugerman, thank you. >>> well, cal announced today it's cutting several varsity athletic teams including baseball and gymnastics. robert lyles in berkeley with details on the decision. robert. >> reporter: allen, i want you to consider this. the golden bears baseball team was established the same year the first immigrants passed through the gates of ellis island. that means since 1892, golden bears baseball has woven the fabric of the university of california 118 years. but all of that was ripped to shred today when the university announced that baseball would no longer be a varsity sport. now, the baseball coaching staff and team tell cbs 5 they were blindsided by the university's decision. the coach says he just brought in eight freshman recruits and believed this year's team was a contender for conference title. but baseball is not alone. the hatchet has been dropped on both the men's and women's gymnastics teams as well as the women's lacrosse team and the team with 25 national titles under their belt, the rugby team has been converted to a club sport. that m
with cal rom mda. have wed a grit day so far. >> so far so good. it has beee an exciting afternnon. a lot of exciting guests and money we see raising is very, very very exciting to us. >>reporter: late in thee% afternnon ww are over 800,000 dollars. we know last year we did top 1 million dollars here locally. boy we would love to top the number again wouldn't we. >> we have oor fingers we have to eep the phones ringing. right now in a little bit of a break but i tell you you wiil see the numbers, can i tall about a competitor. go to tv 54 watth the telethon and call innthose pledges. >>reporter: our sister station working tooether here with fox 44 and channel 54 worrkng hand in hand today for this wonderful cause and just tell us very quickly this money stays here locally. >> that's the most iionic thing about muscular dystrophy. we spend ttrree6 c1 times the amount of money we take in. we have research. hopkins with all the clinic and provide a the lo of services and appliances for the family. all the research money is precious. economy is bad. but we need the funds t
that it is cutting several athletic sports. cal baseball, men's and women's gymnastics and women's lacrosse are all out. men's rugby is being divert. >> deciding which programs was the most dill part of the plan. >>> the cal bears football team is not affected. cal has dealt with financial realities in other areas by increasing tuition. furloughing employees and reducing student employment. >>> high level talks hit an impasse. this is day 90 of the budget debay. the talks are still going on, but at the staff level. governor arnold schwarzenegger office is blaming union office for blocking reform that the government say -- >>> groups that work with sexual assault victims says supplies of rape kits have been running dangerously low. >> reporter: i'll take to those rape kits in just a moment. but we have learned tonight that etch at the everyone at the rape crisis center here may lose their jobs. that means that they will provide a 24 hour crisis hot line and nothing else. from fewer services, for sexual assault victim. >> we have to get some more kits. >> reporter: to a dwindling supplies of materia
down the most >>> uc berkeley announced today that it is cutting several athletic sports. cal baseball, men's and women's gymnastics and women's lacrosse are all out. men's rugby is being divert. >> deciding which programs was the most dill part of the plan. >>> the cal bears football team is not affected. cal has dealt with financial realities in other areas by increasing tuition. furloughing employees and reducing student employment. >>> high level talks hit an impasse. this is day 90 of the budget debay. the talks are still going on, but at the staff level. governor arnold schwarzenegger office is blaming union office for blocking reform that the government say -- >>> groups that work with sexual assault victims says supplies of rape kits have been running dangerously low. >> reporter: i'll take to those rape kits in just a moment. but we have learned tonight that etch at the everyone at the rape crisis center here may lose their jobs. that means that they will provide a 24 hour crisis hot line and nothing else. from fewer services, for sexual assault victim. >> we have to get some
had to overcome that caused a big scare for dozens of passengers. >> cal train is doing something important to save lives. it's part of a local effort and a national study to prevent suicide. >>> good morning. if you're driving on northbound 101 you're going to see some slow traffic as you drive up to the 880 interchange. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather straight ahead. >> announcer: excused channel 2 news at 5. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. >>> it is 7:22, cal train flashes to update suicide prevention signs along its tracks as part of a new study. they'll put up 250 now signs along a 10-mile
cal and stanford at home. opened the season against sacramento state. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. quarterback andrew lush shows the nation he's the real deal as the cardinal man handled sacramento state. never met the hornets before. first quarter stanford up 7-0. having a field day with the hornet's secondary. makes a great move after the catch to create separation. 81 on the score. 9th longest in stanford history. 14-0 cardinals. wasn't a complete pushover. later in the first. fails to punt on his 30. a few men miss and he's gone. 70 yards to the house. all of a sudden it's a 14-7 ball game. but luck was the story. in the second, zack's first career touchdown, 31-7 stanford. just before the half, makes a nice catch on this 15-yard touchdown. andrew threw for 615 yards. in this opener 52-17. >> we were on the skirts in this park. good first half performance. didn't do so hot in the second half, beginning of the second half. the ones that were in there. but things evolve. >> all right. cal can top their regular season
of students taking classes in the district this year is down 3.4%. >>> cash-strapped cal train will spend $1 million to settle a lawsuit of a family of a boy hit by a train. he had gotten off a train in april in 2008 when he rode his skateboard under a lowered crossing arm on the san bruno station tracks. though witnesses say he was listening to headphones at the time when the train hit him, in the lawsuit, cal train is enaccused of encouraging and even allowing people to cross as he did. it is unknown how much of the money will go to the family and how much will cover legal fees and other costs. it comes as the transit agency faces a budget gap that could result in service cuts and/or fare hikes. >>> 49ers have a few days after before the start of their season. but they're still working to move the home field to the south bay. wednesday santa clara's planning commission will go over necessary zoning changes for the nearly $1 billion stadium. taxpayers are expected to pony up about $114 million of the cost. the commission will also decide whether or not to approve the stadium's design. criti
as you approach one. road work westbound 80 between dixon and leisure town. cal trans issued an advisory taking effect from 9 to 2:30 today and a first look at the bay bridge, metering lights are off. here is a look at your forecast. >> thanks. we do have areas of fog out there this morning, inland and in the valleys temperatures will be ranging from the mid- 50s to lower 60s. low clouds around the bay and low cloudfog around the coastline temperatures ranging from mid- to upper 50s. for the afternoon, the farther inland you go, the more you will feel it. 70s to lower 80s more sunshine expected today. 60s to lower 70s. sunshine a few clouds along the coastline lower to mid-60s expected for this afternoon. today we warm up cooler weather, yeah, the roller coaster ride of temperatures continues, today warmer but next couple days cooling down all over again. a look at your seven-day forecast coming up. back up to you. >>> yeah, you can't really predict it. >> all over the place. >> she has a tough job these days. >> thanks very much. >>> 10 minutes after 5. >>> home on american soil. >> one
the sign behind me it's moderate. either way, cal fire say they are on notice and brought in extra crews in case a fire starts out. fire officials say often times the mixture of higher temperatures and lower humidities greatly increases the chances for fire. that is why members of cal fire santa clara member patrolled the area of the lexington reservoir to make sure people are abiding by the law. >> we would look for people burning illegally and motorcycles and other vehicles off-road. >> we're primed up for having another bad bit of fire, if we have the warmer and we have the weather now. >> reporter: battalion chief wolf says wh the temperatures rise, they increase their staff. crews are ready to battle a fire at a moment's notice from the air with this helicopter or on the ground. >> when we have special weather conditions, we add extra people, because we know by past history we're going to be busy. >> reporter: dry grass, carelessness or minor mistakes could have the entire area engulfed in flame and that is why cal fire recommends those who have something do around the yard do it
, apparently sit in a very long line overnight. we'll tell you what cal students are doing, what lengths they're going to to play theirspt. have tt co f sport. have that coming up in live report. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. >>> 6:13 is the time. thanks for making nbc bay area news part of your morning on this wednesday as we look out live over san jose. a couple things you got to know. a little cool out there and a little moisture on the roads, so if you're on your way to work, please drive carefully. >>> new this morning, beginning our first look at bp's official report on its massive gulf oil spill. here's a live look at the ruptured undersea well.
the legislation. live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> big change is coming to cal sports in its latest move to costs from uc-berkeley is eliminating five of its intercollegiate sports programs including the championship if men's rugby team. in addition cal's baseball, men's and women's gymnastics and women's lacrosse teams will no longer represent the diversity in collegiate competition after this academic year. students are disappointed by the uncertainty surrounding the program. >> it's all happening pretty quickly i just found out of me with the team for the first time this evening and all try to put them to or let them share their thoughts with me at this point we to wait and see more meetings tomorrow how this will work out. >> first and foremost, it's a surprise and we don't know exactly what varsity club status and tails. basically were gunna move from here and see what happens. >> we really don't get much is far riskier in mostly provide that for ourselves. as for his medical we require tons of medical treatment what their rehab for preparing for a game or after a game. high- perfor
preacher with a plan to burn korans. why did the press take the bait. >> judy miller, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, and fox news radion. host, allen. fox news atch is on right now. >> for all the proress we made, we're not there yet. and that meane that people are frustrated and that means people are angry. and since i'm the president, the democrats have control of the house and the senate, it's undersndable that people are sang, what have you done? >> that's president obama at his friday news conference admitting economic recovery has been painfully slow. cal, it was the capper to a week of appearances he made trying to convince the american people and the media that he's on track with the economy, and is it working? >> i don't think so. you look at the polls and the republans are ahead in a lot of races but the president is overexposed and on the media all the time. to the point where the ver ande's eyes glaze they don't pay any attention to bhat he's saying.i the presidency must be marshaled in such a way that when he speaks, he commands attention, and he's not it doing it.> >> allen,
this represents. if you zoom out and look at the shape of the forest. that is the cal queue las we are undergoing right now. i will go to the 36,000 feet level in a moment but let me ask a question about the ground view. what has been the title wave of friends and people saying, look, we are here to help you. the problem is someone with a football franchise and everyone wants to be on the team and i have to find the best 11 players. >> is comprimise one of the tools you are prepared to deploy? >> everything is on the table. ok. i will let others -- something tells me you are not prepared. i've had some background in negotiations. there are times you don't want to get into detail about what is on the table because that doesn't advance the cause. you have to decide how much to be specific about and not to. your cal. >> i wanted to say, we are really focussed on solving it you said the battlefield today is not between muslims and non-muslims but it's between moderates of all faiths. on one level, i think that's right but on other level, i think that skirts the issue. you said 99% plus of all muslims
will be offering other amenities, sundries, a wifi service, paper magazine, period cals -- periodicals, a small flourist as well. under this lease the operator will be using sustainable foods and healthy food choices, compoastable utensils, etc. if you have any questions, i can answer those now. >> thank you. >> mr. chairman, members of the committee. as has been stated this was an r.f.p. process. the winning recommended bidder is elias m. nasra and family partnership. you can see on page 3 of our report in table one their rental bid amount of $1,500 or $18,000 a year. we recommend that you approve this legislation. i would point out that if you look over the past several years, actually this $18,000 represents an increase of about $9,000, $9,796 more than what we had been receiving in prior years from the nonprofit. that's simply a fact based on the r.f.p. process just by itself we would recommend approval. commissioner avalos: thank you, mr. rhodes. supervisor? commissioner elsbernd a couple questions. should this get approved in the normal legislative process, the new operator would take the
into the port of oakland. the meet warning issued. >>> finally, starting the next chapter with a recent cal state will be able to start her postgraduate life. >>> the first rain of the season is in the forecast for the weekend. well pinpoint which day this weekend as eyewitnesses ---- eyewitness continues right here on the cw. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. watch out for whales off the northern ornia coast. this, after a container ship headed to wildlife advocates are asking ship operators to watch out for whales. this after a container ship headed into the port of oakland today actually hit a whale. nobody
house to number five. there's never been mumming or heck cal inspections. you could actually hear the toilets, every time someone flushes the toilet on the fourth floor, the top floor, you could actually hear it. it is that loud. there's never been any plumbing or electrical inspections. the addition has 10 windows and three sky lights. the proposed. this addition, the permit application proposed to remove two windows by removing about 20 square feet from -- at the front facade as explained by mr. lindsey, you come from a -- already a setback of five feet. you only get rid of another five feet. and that is -- that takes care of two windows. you leave eight windows and -- it is -- it takes care of 22 square feet out of 562 square feet of habitable space. it does not meet code requirements. that is -- that has been -- it is a part of the -- our response to -- to the d.r. if you look at the picture, this is what -- this is what we see from -- from our house, this is the window here that is going to be removed, this two windows remain. it is definitely an issue with privacy. and that
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